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The Crossroads of Time


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African-American Women's Novel that Twists Time and Space

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Quotes from The Crossroads of Time :

“Every savior of the people must die.”
“Ayodele knew it was a door through which they would never return.”

They dream in their own times. They struggle in their own places. They meet at the crossroads. The road they choose to take will decide if they live or die.

Chloe loves to listen to music, but when the music starts listening to her, she begins to wonder. Try as she might, she can’t dismiss the strange things happening in her life as mere coincidence. Could some spirit be trying to send her a message? She tries to live a normal life as a student at California State University, but the more she tries, the more bizarre her life become. From the moment Chloe consults a Candomblé priestess to find out what’s what, the events in her life spin from uncanny to numinous.

As her visions become more corporal, Chloe gets literally swept out of her 21st century Los Angeles world in the stormy vortex of Oya, the African Orisha of the wind. Oya takes Chloe on a journey through time that throws her into the world of Ayodele, her 19th century ancestor on a Virginia tobacco plantation.

Both women share dreams of achieving more in life than is expected of them as women and as African Americans. At the Crossroads they must decide which costs more, struggling to fulfill their dreams or letting them die—and which price are they willing to pay?

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