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The Orisha Series

The Orisha Series

Paranormal fiction for women that twists time and space

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The Orisha Series brings historical and contemporary African-American fiction together through the lives of women who are strong, yet vulnerable, determined, yet doubtful, and always striving to be more than society expects of them. In The Crossroads of Time , Chloe and Ayodele face a life or death struggle to reclaim the promises of the future. In Book Two, Lisa discovers that she can be who she is regardless of what others want her to be.

New Fiction Release

The Crossroads of time book cover

The Crossroads of Time

Book One of the Orisha Series

An African-American women's novel that twists time and space.

Quotes from The Crossroads of Time

"Every savior of the people must die."
"Ayodele knew it was a door through which they would never return."

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Coming in 2018
In Book Two, Lisa languishes under her mother's overbearing demands and the pressures of school until she decides that it's okay to be who she wants to be.
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